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    It was VooDoo

    The combination of Mardi Gras and Voo Dudes has proven to be a winning one since it's inception. It was a cool night for just a little while but once the music started it became a steamy night in New Orleans and the Voo Dudes they owned it. And by God there was dancing. Not always pretty it was always fun. While the Voo Dudes ruled the stage. Chef DeMaio and his Crabby Daddys ruled the kitchen. Cajun Tom McGrath's Jamayala was once again a hit for it's taste and a backbreaker for the cast iron saucepan it was prepared in. Oh and jello shots... wouldn't be Mardi Gras with the jello shots. 
    It takes a lot of work by what's typically a few folks to put on these events.  From advertising to booking the band, purchasing supplies, food prep, ordering and hanging decorations, tickets, finances, raffles, prizes and of course someone has to come up with balloons, spoons and 15 feet of string. If you weren't there you'll have to  use your imagination. Not to mention the work that remains after everyone has gone home and the air has fizzled out of the last of those balloons. There's the cleanup, tables and chairs to stack, pots and trays to wash, photos to process and someone has to finish off the jello shots. So when the night turns out to be as good as this one was, well, that just makes it all worth while. To all those who participate behind the scenes --- you earned your beads tonight. To all those who came and had a great night - Thank You Too.

    Photos and Slideshow by Joe Mulvanerton


    And this just in...

    Joe Mulvanerton jr. has put his skills to work with the photos from Patsy Palma night. Enjoy.


    Christmas Party

    When I received the photos from the Christmas party I looked at them and thought “this is gonna hurt”. John DeMaio, Kathy & Scott Fitzgerald had taken turns that night taking almost 400 photos. I managed to trim that down to a more manageable 150. The photos do a great job of capturing the fun and characters from an evening that had no shortage of either. Enjoy the show.

    The Christmas Party is always so much work but when the place fills and the laughter starts the work fades (as it should) into the background. Though better late than never we are truly grateful to Top Hat Catering, our keepers Joe and Jim, decorator extraordinaire  Barney Shannon, Miriam Sheridan (Ornaments and centerpieces), the bar staff (Brian, Phil, Billy), Frank Boyle, Alan Purcell & Walter Farrell who came in the following morning to restore order and of course the folks that put it all together John Sheridan and Scott Fitzgerald. Miriam wishes to extend a special thanks to her elves Timmy Duggan, Butch Konopka and George Keubler whose “dainty fingers” were just perfect for wrapping the Christmas ornaments.


    What a wonderful world

     A warm sunny afternoon, Moms, Dads, GrandMa's and PopPops in tow, with a treasure of chocolate eggs just waiting to be found. Does life get any better? Sure it does, throw in some hot dogs, soda, the thrill of finding one of those prize eggs and playing with all the other kids. Not a care in the world. On Easter Saturday, Marty Cameron, with the help of family and friends once again put all this together to host the annual FSOS Easter Egg Hunt. It was a beautiful day,... "a bright blessed day".