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    Boots and Spurs Rule the Night

    Some time ago Mike Sullivan came up with an idea. He thought it might be fun to have a country night at the club. He proposed it, planned it and got the support of the Softball Team to help run it. When the first date he chose didn't pan out he didn't give up... he looked for a better date... and by all accounts he found it. The sold out night was a lot of fun for all who attended.

    Congrats to Mike Sullivan and the Softball Team for adding a new night to the social calendar. Check out photos courtesy of Mike


    Patsy Palma

    Patsy Palma and Friends made many new friends when they performed in January at the FSOS in Old Bridge. From the moment the night got underway folks were dancing. They danced when he sang Mack the Knife; they danced to when he sang Fly Me to the Moon. And, when they passed the moon… they kept on dancing anyway.

    Performing the songs of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett many more with his own style, he definitely did it his way and the crowd loved it. It was a music filled night of nonstop dancing for young and let's say the more mature members amongst us.  Special thanks go out to Mike Ruffley for bringing Patsy to our attention. He will surely be back again.

    We do have photos and promise to have them up shortly.


    Mardi Gras Antics Rule The Night

    From Bourbon St to Jackson Sq there was not an empty seat in the place as the third annual Mardi Gras Celebration got underway at the FSOS. What do you get when you mix 150 partygoers, cold beer, masks, beads, jambalaya, a very big spoon, flying bras and the hot hot hot VooDudes? You get a night to remember. 

    While music and merriment ruled the night it was Chef DeMaio & Co that ruled the day. Yes ladies, he's quite something in an apron, top had and beads. And when he starts to wield that spatula... LOOK OUT. Crab cakes, roast pork, chicken alfredo were just some of the dishes seasoned to a high heat. There's nothing like a hot dish to warm the heart on a cold night and still other parts the day after.

    Guest Chef Tom McGrath brought his own cast iron cauldron. I went to lift it. Then thought, "maybe not". With cauldron on stove he produced one of the dead sea scrolls. The one with the recipe for Jambalaya. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. Missing only his black cape he stepped up to the cauldron and did that voodoo that he do so well. Buffet complete.   

    With appetites satisfied and tables cleared, the VooDudes took to the stage and proceeded to fill the hall with there own special brand of blues and rock. Tim Black was first on the floor determined to earn his beads, he wasn't alone for long. Rumour has it that Charlie Donnelly stepped out there to do some stompin' of his own and didn't even break a sweat... Kathleen, loooookout.

    Joe Patterson, John Reilly & Jim Connor were a little dismayed to see the ladies abusing some of the decorations that they'd hung so carefully. I can't mention names but these girls had no shame. They spent much of the evening augmenting one of our wall hangings until it could easily have passed for a viagara commercial... they got beads... lots of beads.... and tinsel as well. While I can't say who they were, I can say that John Wagle, Dave Delaney and Denis Sullivan left early with them and gave me a $100 tip.

    And then of course there was the incident with the spoon. What do you get when you put Tommy Keegan between two lovely ladies with a spoon and 80 feet of string? A memory that will take many years of therapy to erase. The ladies are still recovering, Barney Shannon has already sent flowers and the charges have been dropped.

    Betsy Keubler was also busy that night taking photos while husband George was in the kitchen. She has set some of them to music in what can only be described as a gem. Disclaimer: We warn our viewers in advance that some of this content may be disturbing.

    There is so much preparation that goes into making it happen. Some of the unsung heros who invested much of their time into producing this event are Scott Fitzgerald, Wayne Miller, Gary Murphy. All worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring about this great night and the many others we've put on over the past few years.

    Once again the bar has been raised for parties at the FSOS. As for Mr Sheridan and his Irish Mafia, they are already planning the next... and still looking for that spoon.

    More Photos


    Officers on Deck

    The Annual FSOS Dinner Dance took place on Saturday March 8, much to the delight of all who attended. The entertainment began at 5:00pm when Backbeat, the first of two bands kicked off the evenings festivities at Yogi's All American Bar at the Crown Plaza. By 8:00pm Primitive Soul, the second band of the night had set up in the main ballroom and then the fun really started. Dance, dance, dance was the order of the day. And with all the officers on deck there were plenty of folks to give orders.

    During the course of the evening the new officers were piped into the hall by the FSOS Pipes and Drums and then bestowed with sashes from the out going officers. Both Bill Gerdon and John Wagle were heard saying something to the effect of "Thanks be to God" as they almost sprinted to the bar afterwards. In fact as Bill commented, "How sweet it is..." John was saying,"Don't look back, don't look back". With that our new officers took on the roles that will be there's for the next year.

    Walter Farrell was honored during the course of the evening as Irish Man of the Year. Walter was joined tonight by his lovely wife Joyce, his children and youngest grand child baby Ellis. Most of us aren't used to seeing a mushy side to Walter. He really doesn't do warm and fuzzy. We're used to the "Whaddya want?, I  don't have all day" Walter behind the bar.  Surround him with his family... he's almost normal. Put a microphone in his hand and he turns into Robin Williams. If you weren't there then you should ask him about the joke.... it was good and delivered with Walter's deadpan style. Joyce threatened to kill him if he told it but he just couldn't help himself.

    Another man not to be missed was the ever so coooooool Dave Delaney. In fact their entire table looked like the cast from the movie, "Men in Black".

    Lastly congrats to the right honorable Jeffrey Schuld who finally plucked up the courage to ask Mom for a dance... ahhhh schucks Schuld.... you're still Mama's little boy, hard to believe, I know.

    In the end it was a stellar night made all the better by Bobby Quinn who made his own contriibution to the evening by producing a playlist for those members who remember what it was like to dance when music really was music. Turned out the music was so good there was almost no room on the dance floor for us youngsters. Those of you who saw it will no doubt agree with me... I never thought Bobby could move like that either. Before you ask, yes, he is available for Christenings and Bar-Mitzvahs though his rates may vary depending on demand.

    Finally, a special thank you to the dinner dance committee. They work tirelessly all year to insure that the evening goes off without a hitch. Tonight was a most definitely a success. Can't wait for next year.

    Photos from the evening.