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    Giving Thanks - A Message From Ray Costello

    This year we were able to help out 53 families in our area. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone that donated food, bags and time. To the kitchen crew that fed us, those who helped with set up, clean up and the filling of 48 sets of bags, I thank you.

    There were those behind the tables instructing us on how many of each item to take, the members, the wives, the children and our friends who just wanted to stop by and help that day, what would we do without you. 

    I need to thank the volunteers that ran to the store to pick up the few missing items, and especially those who supplied me with the names of the 53 families who we were able to help. We got help from Jonas Salk, St. Ambrose & St. Thomas that morning.  Let’s not forget our favorite butcher, our corresponding secretary for helping us get the word out and our turkey pick up crew.

    Much thanks to those that helped inventory food, load cars and set up bags for delivery. I am always grateful to the members that donate on meeting nite, put a donation in the turkey box and take part in 50/50s for ten weeks. 

    I must thank Mr. Barney Shannon and Mr. Robert Quinn. They laid the ground work for this great endeavor, an endeavor that is only possible because of the help we get from everyone of you.

    Thank you all, we hope you all had a happy thanksgiving with your families.

     Ray Costello


    Calling All Angels... A Toys For Tots Update

    A Christmas tree of Angels can be found at the FSOS. Annette Dunn has created the tree with paper Angels representing boys and girls of various ages. We’re asking that when you shop you do so with one of these Angels in mind. So pick an Angel and when you come to the club on Toys for Tots day please attach your Angel to your gift.



    It seems that sometimes there is no right time. And that's the way it has been with Octoberfest. A party that is traditionally celebrated in Munich during the last week in September and at the Sons in early November. With low numbers last year and still lower numbers this year it's been decided that our Bavarian roots should be left untapped in the future.

    So no more leiderhausen, schnitzel, bratwurst and German Beer. Okay, maybe we'll still have the beer. But to Octoberfest we bid a fond, "Auf Wiedersehen." On a cheerer note the Voodudes were in fine form last Saturday night as they lifted the roof off the place. Oompah or no oompah they can make any night a great night and this night was no exception.


    Three Days in Ocean City

    Okay, photos found I can write the story. Eddie Ryan put together this trip and what a trip it was. With the biggest group yet (32) the weather cooperated and while it really didn’t improve our golf game it did make the suffering a little more bearable.

    For three days it was glorious weather, beautiful golf courses, and cartloads of laughter. No, the golf wasn't always beautiful (see right) and yes there were one or two times when clubs flew and oaths rang out high and clear across the well manicured fairways, pristine in the early morning sun… but sure “Who put that F$#@*&# tree there anyway?” But after all the turmoil of the golf course you can always sit down with your brothers in arms afterwards to discuss the day. No doubt even find solace in a golf score that would look better on a bowling card. So you break bread, drink a few beers and at the end fo the evening head back to your room. Can’t really ask for much more… other than to find your room exactly as you left it.  More on that in the photos.

    PS. Joe Patterson did not send another club up into a tree this year… it was into a pond!!!