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    questionnaire.jpgPlease take the time to answer 5 short questions. It will take you longer to read this entry than to answer the questions. We're looking for better, faster ways to contact the membership about club activities. We currently use the phone service, Shenanigans, bulletin boards and monthly meetings to do this. 

    If we can contact membership via email rather than phone, the club saves money and gets information to you in a more timely fashion. If we can post the Shenanigans online and email a link to members, the club saves money and you get instant access to it. There are no plans to change how the club contacts it's members right now, this is for informational purposes only. 

    Thanks in advance for answering the questionnaire.


    Election 2008 Update - The Votes Are In

    Election_2008.jpgThe Polls closed last night and the crowd waited for a little over an hour while the results were tallied. All eyes fell on Kevin Morgan as he emerged from the counting room, accompanied by representatives for each of the candidates and with the results in hand. After a brief consultation with the President and Vice President who had run unopposed, it was time to announce the results.

    The two hotly contested seats in this election were for the offices of Steward and Recording Secretary. Kevin took the microphone and a hush fell on the members. After reading out all results it was Bill Gerdon who was victorious in his bid for another year as Club Stewart. It's widely believed that the campaign contributions from Roto-Rooter helped put him over the top. So for those of you who thought the meatloaf was too hot last year you might like to know that cooling seats are being installed in the men's room.

    Jack_Meehan_Votes.JPGIn what was a three way race that had folks guessing right up until the results were announced John Sheridan reigned victorious in his bid for the post of Recording Secretary. While he is to be congratulated he should not expect special treatment on Secretary's Day. Sorry John, No Chocolates, No Roses!

    Congratulations also to Bill Jarvis and Jim Hartwyck elected to the posts of 1st & 2nd Keeper of the Shillelagh respectively.

    To all the candidates the membership body offers a sincere, "Thank You". It takes courage to put yourself out there in front of the membership and say, "I'll run". You did just that, and because you did you made each and every vote matter.


    Support Our Troops 2008

    Col_John_McClean.jpgJohn McLean, Colonel, U.S. Army is a wounded veteran of the Iraq war. John is also a member of The Friendly Sons Family. Though he is now home in Old Bridge, John continues to work to help those still serving in Iraq. As part of this effort he has put the club in contact with two officers currently stationed in Iraq.

    Captain Robert Foster, U.S. Army, has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wounded on his first tour he is currently serving a second as Company Commander of Stryker Brigade.

    Captain Jennifer Farrell, U.S. Army, is serving in Iraq with the Military Police. 

    Both officers are working with John to distribute care packages to our men and women serving in harms way. If you have loved ones serving in Iraq please contact us so that we can get focused deliveries to them.

    There isn’t a man in this club who doesn’t want to help these men and women, what most of us lack is the opportunity to do so. Well, here’s the opportunity. Follow this link to check out the list of items needed. Please make every effort to help us collect as much as we can. Go to your cabinets, go to the stores, talk to store managers, friends, neighbors, colleagues. When you do your weekly shopping why not add in an extra bag of Pretzels or some Chap Stick for the troops.

    Please take a look at the list of items needed and bring what you can to the club. We will follow the progress on the FSOS Diary web site. If we have stores/companies making donations we’ll gladly post a thank you to them on the site. Our Troops have left their families and traveled half way around the world for us. We can march to the supermarket for them. This is not just about sending some basic comforts,  it's also about sending a message, “You may be 6000 miles away, but you're never far from our thoughts.”

    We can’t march with them, but we can march for them.


    A word from the editor

    This site is dedicated to all the goings on in The Friendly Sons. If you have a suggestion for an article or a comment, you can email the editor from the sidebar of this page. As articles are posted please read them and perhaps even comment on them. In addition to that you have the option to post or send comments and questions to the editor. The point is ... get involved. A club is only as strong as it's membership and that being the case, I believe we have the strength enough to go a long way.

    The goal of this site is to provide a forum for notifying members about what's going on in the club. We may also find ourselves picking up on topics related to these activites. For example, the Sessions that run on the second Sunday of every month are a perfect segue to a series of articles on Irish Traditional Music. There must be a treasure trove of photos and stories out there covering the past 44 years of the clubs existence. If you have photos we can include them too. The only limits are those we put on ourselves.

    If it turns out that we don't need this site then not to worry... we'll take it down. But if you want it to succeed, you have to get involved. We're looking for what's going on around the club. Whether it's work parties, dances, club travels. We're looking for all activities related to FSOS. We're looking for what it is you want to see in this space.

    If you have just discovered this site. Please take a moment to forward the link to other members or folks interested in the FSOS. It's your club, it's your time and this is your FSOS Diary.


    Dave Cummins