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    FSOS 5x5 Football Tourney

    Saturday, August 18 saw a rainy start to the 3rd Annual FSOS Soccer Five-a-Side Football Tourney (you might call it Soccer). A soggy start for what was to be a high octane day of play. Sky blue team played some really attractive football.  Jay Reali looked like he was dialing back the years with some silky ball skills. The fashion award went to Jimmy Domingo wearing a headband that Jane Fonda would have been proud of, although Jay Twohigs rainbow colored socks certainly raised a few eyebrows.

    The Blue team (not to be confused with the Sky blue, Slate Blue or Light blue teams) was certainly the dark horse making it all the way to the final with tremendous play from Erin Fitzgerald; she put a lot the guys to shame with her commitment and verve. Alas the Blues were pipped at the post by the Grays who were led by Jim Park (sportin’ a bit of gray himself) and his Haitian star. It was a final that had ebbed and flowed, with waves of excitement crashing down on the beach. To quote Ray Hudson “The game had spectators necks twisted like Linda Blair in the Exorcist”. Finally in a game that went to double extra time and then penalties, there could only be one, congrats to the Gray team. And if you think it’s over… think again. With this tourney over its time to start baiting each other for next year’s tourney.

    This is the third year that Kevin Burns and John Sheridan have put this event together and it continues to grow in popularity. No doubt they’re already planning on additional shades of blue. There are requests to put a second tourney in the calendar but that would likely be a March preseason event. Those that are interested should contact the organizers.

    Since its inception the Fitzgerald Family have been involved with the tourney and this year’s gathering was dedicated to the memory of David Fitzgerald. Scott Fitzgerald donned the stripes and officiated once again insuring fair play for all. Cathy was busy capturing all those embarrassing moments on camera... Look for Brian (Barney) Fitzgerald in the big purple outfit for example.

    Thanks go out to Mike Eilers and Matt Fitzgerald who prepared the pitches. Jamie O’Kane and Ralph Quick designed and printed all the team shirts and Trophies. Finally, thanks to all the players for making this day fun, safe and competitive.

    We have 100 of those moments frozen in time. We laughed, we cried we used heat pads and linament.

    By Kevin Burns & John Sheridan


    Labor Day 2012 


    A Safe and Happy July 4th to all!


    FSOS Blood Drive


    Saturday, June 23, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    See Marty Cameron for details.