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    St. Patrick’s Day, March 1968, Newark, N.J. was the first parade for our Pipe Band, fully outfitted in new uniforms. Credit for supporting the idea of a club Pipe Band and the driving force behind establishing it was our club president, Jack Dunphy. The large financial burden of establishing the band, purchasing pipes, drums, and uniforms, and paying for piping and drumming instruction was borne by The Club. This initiative, taken concurrently with building our club house, demonstrated the fine quality of leadership that our club history depicts.

    The original Pipe Band/Club Members that marched

    in the first parade in March 1968 are:


    Kevin Slowey, Pipe Major 

    Fred Duggan 

    George Driscol  

     Charles Hopper 

     John McFadden

    William Nolan



    Harry Bauer

    Patrick Connors

    Mark Feeley

    James Moller

     Joseph Striffler


    This band was instructed by George Bell, Piping, and James Cairns, Drumming.

    The following have served with distinction as Pipe Major:


    John Hatton

    * Bart McDade

    * Jack Briody

    Richie Burns

    * George Watts

    Thomas Owen

    James Ronan

    Gene Vroom

    William Nolan

    Peter Dunig

    Fred Duggan

    Kevin Slowey

    * Former Pipe Majors still active in the band.

    The band has completed and won recognition in numerous Pipe Band Competitions and has over the years participated in hundreds of parades, exhibitions and shows. In 1970, the Band was awarded the Mayor’s Trophy, Jerry Kennedy was the Drum Major. In 1976, the Band was awarded Best Foreign Group Trophy, Jerry DeYoung was the Drum Major. In 1979 and 1983 the Band had the honor of leading the Newark St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Tom Murphy and Bill Byrne were the Drum Majors.