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    Sunday, January 18
    Parade Fundraiser

    Saturday, February 14
    Mardi Gras

    Saturday, March 21
    Dinner Dance


    50th Anniversary Ad Book 

    Download a letter from the Ad Book Committee to find out the details of how you can sponsor a page in our 50th Anniversary Ad Book. Its a great way to particpate in the day and have it remembered forever. You can do this for many reasons... For all the  parties, events, celebrations you've attended here. For all the friendships you've made here. For all the laughter you've had here. This is your opportunity to Thank, Congratulate or Remember... don't miss it.

    Letter to Members

    Ad Book Contract


    The Results Are In!

    February 22nd, Was a fine day.

     Many pints of blood were taken and even more Ballots drawn. 99 members voted.

    The results are as follows:



    Scott Fitzgerald

    Vice President

    Jim Hartwyck

    Recording Secretary

    Dennis Pinkiewicz


    Jim Connor

    1st Keeper of the Shillelagh

    Mike Murphy

    2nd Keeper of the Shillelagh

    Rob Mikulak


     Tom McCarthy

    Corresponding Secretary

     Tom McGrath



    Snow Day at The Friendly Sons

    Snow remakes every landscape... ours is now exception.


    2013 Nominations for Office

    • Nominations for President
      • John Sheridan nominates Scott Fitzgerald
        • Second - Dennis Bohanan
    • Nominations for Vice President
      • Scott Fitzgerald nominates Dave Cummins
        • Second - John Sheridan
      • John Wagle nominates Jim Hartwyck
        • Second - Butch Konopka
      • Larry McGrath nominates Jeff Schuld
        • Second - Jamie O'Kane
    • Nominations for Recording Secretary 
      • John Sheridan nominates John DeMaio
        • Second - Jeff Schuld
      • Tom McCarthy nominates Dennis Pinkiewicz 
        • Second - Jim Hartwyk
    • Nominations for Treasurer
      • Scott Fitzgerald nominates Jim Connor
        • Second - John Sheridan
      • Bobby Carroll nominates Tom Esser
        • Second - Paul Benoit
    • Nominations for Corresponding Secretary
      • Dave Cummins nominates Neil Beinert
        • Second - Rob Anthony
    • Nominations for Keeper of the Shillelagh
      • Dennis Bohanan nominates Mike Murphy
        • Second - Larry McGrath
      • Mike Murphy nominates Rob Mikulak
        • Second - Dennis Bohanan
    • Nominations for Steward
      • Jim Hartwyk nominates Tom McCarthy
        • Second - Bart McDade


    *List of Nominees are in no way in any particluar order